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Kutch, in view of an area, is the largest in Gujarat state and the second largest district in India. But this district has thus huge area naturally but no huge development. The region, recognized as an independent princely state once in the past, assumed the status of a district merging into the Bombay State (Mumbai Rajya) on the independence of India.

Thereafter, one and a half decades, the Kutch region became the district of Gujarat state.

Melancholy in the sense that, Kutch sustaining itself on its broken back-bone (support) was completely destroyed by the gruesome catastrophic earthquake of the 26th January 2001.

This district, which was thrown away around like a football kicked off, during its transformational and transitional period in the past, was not capable enough to look after its inhabitants i.e. could not be moved for livelihoods. So, not in the number of thousand but in lacs, these Kutchi people had to migrate. Prime reasons behind it were famine/scarcity and unemployment. But after the year 2001, the whole picture of the Kutch distance was changed. That year 2001 could be termed as the year of melancholy as well as rejoice.

On the other side, this Kutch district marginally eclipsed on the world map was thrust into the sight of the World Bank. Consequently, the region (Kutch) once called the arid desert and sandy one stood out ready to get itself transmogrified into industrialization and likewise Kutch district since then has been making headway at a great pace. Simultaneously, pent-up and unsolved issues like lack of amenities/infrastructures, unemployment, bureaucratic negligence, short of government grant and such others innumerable issues came into being before the people. The Kutchi person bearing the tendency of perpetual endurance took on their own initiative to awaken sleepy Govt. machinery, as it their visionary foresight were sprouted. Looking at the other side of the aspect, the uncertainty about how to make aware of these issues to the bureaucrats of the Govt. machinery has also become vexatious to the Kutchi people. At the point of this moment, the Kutchi people stood in need of media.

The media means modes and ways to communicate information and other facts by making them accessible to the people at large. It means a bridge between the Govt. machinery and people. Friends, we are also media. We shall render our role as media to make accessible to the people at large the advertisements of the developmental works of various Govt. departments or facts of their future plans as well as to make known people’s problems and issue to the Govt.

Therefore, “Maa Ashapura News & Publicity” will represent and reflect the Kutchi peoples voice, not only that but also the Kutchi culture, as well.

We, through our medium, shall endeavor to transmit and broadcast narrations, problems, ancient heritage’s stories, current topics, future development plans of Kutch, to the Kutchi people settled at every corner across the world.

Friends, we are always prepared and committed to hearing your problems, views, grievances, presentations, and reports.

We are not able to meet one another directly; even otherwise we shall always keep on being in touch with you indirectly through the media.

Last but not least, we together with you by and through this media, carry on our collective participation in shaping and making our Kutch, Gujarat, India and the whole earth more beautiful, clean and developmental.

The Biggest TV network of Kutch

  • In Bhuj, KDN and Usha Cable Network telecasts Maa News 24x7|24 hours. On GTPL cable, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM and 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
  • 24x7 telecast of Maa News on Patel Chovisi and GTPL network, Patel chovisi telecast at 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM and repeat telecast 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
  • In East Kutch, 24x7 broadcasts of the Maa News for Rapar, Bhachau, Ratnal, Anjar, Kandla, Adipur, Santalpur, Mandvi, Mundra, Nakhtrana, Abdasa and over 300 villages nearby through GTPL Gandhidham network.
  • Madhapar, Bhujodi, Ler, Vardhman Nagar, Kukma, Kotda Chakar watches Maa News channel 24x7, telecasted by Maa News only.
  • 24x7 broadcast of Maa News for Nirona, Zura, Loria, Dhori, Aahirpatti, Rapar, Bhachau and nearby villages.

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Maa Ashapura News and Publicity is Kutch's leading Video News Channel, broadcasting daily video news on local cable channel and on internet for the Kutchis settled around the globe. This airing of news locally in Kutch and on internet gives an opportunity to grow your business globally.

Advertising Specs

  • Commercial 1 min Ad during daily news telecast on television.
  • Advertising strips during daily news telecast on television.
  • Banner ads on Maa Ashapura News website.

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